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If you are unsure of your salami style, please tick the box labelled I HAVE NO STYLE on the entry form. By ticking this box, you are giving our “Salami Specialists” the authority to put your salami into the relevant section. If you are unsure what class to enter your salami into, these following pointers may help!

Salami Categories include:

  • Northern Style
  • Southern Style
  • Bastardo Style
  • No Style
  • Most Innovative
  • Child (7-12 years)
  • Teen (13-18 years)

Northern Style

Traditionally made with the use of the following ingredients, pork and a blend of spices including pepper, (maybe not so much pepper) cinnamon, cumin and nutmeg as well as the use of garlic. It can be quite boring and very fatty. Most Northern Style salami is made in casings ranging in diameter 50-60mm. If you have ever heard the phrase(s) porco dio or dio cani, your salami will be Northern Style.

Southern Style

Is universally (the universe of the South) regarded by salami aficionados as the best style of salami throughout the civilized world. It can consist of the following ingredients; pork, chilli, pepper paste and/or fennel seeds as flavouring. Size (diameter) can range from cacciatore 40mm, salami 50mm or soppressa 80mm. If you have ever made salami with a Calabrese your salami will be Southern Style.

Bastardo Style

A style of salami that uses any ingredients other than pork. Some say this is blasphemy to make salami from anything other than pork, others swear by it.

We would like to acknowledge the Victorian Salami Festival for the supply of their category descriptions.

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